Rally magnet bottle opener

040 EUR
Stock status: to 3 days: 16375 pcs.
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Product description:

Rally magnet bottle opener. Bottle opener with magnet. Plastic.

Brand: Bullet
Parameter: 10,5 x 4,9 x 0,4cm
Material: Plastic
Color: white, black, red, orange
Decoration: Tampoprint L

Order number Color Parameter Price Stock status Order pcs.
PF 11260802 PF 11260802 red 10,5 x 4,9 x 0,4 cm 0,40 EUR to 3 days: 16375 pcs.
PF 11260800 PF 11260800 black 10,5 x 4,9 x 0,4 cm 0,40 EUR to 3 days: 11707 pcs.
PF 11260803 PF 11260803 white 10,5 x 4,9 x 0,4 cm 0,40 EUR to 3 days: 12301 pcs.
PF 11260804 PF 11260804 orange 10,5 x 4,9 x 0,4 cm 0,40 EUR to 3 days: 6944 pcs.

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Measuring tape, red ABS case with black rubber grip, black belt clip, black stop button, black end hook with 2 strong magnets, yellow tape, matt silver PVC sticker at case.

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