Noyack grilling mitt

1020 EUR
Stav skladu: delivery_3: 7205 ks
Noyack grilling mitt

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Noyack grilling mitt. The mitt's long length makes it perfect for cooking items on the grill. The silicone exterior protects your hand when taking hot pots or pans out of the oven. Withstands temperatures up to 204°C/400°F. Exclusive design. Cotton and silicone. 121.

Značka: Avenue
Rozmer: x S
Materiál: cotton
Farba: black
Potlač: Transfer

Obj. číslo Farba Rozmer Cena Stav skladu Obj. ks
PF 13000700 PF 13000700 black 319 x 2 cm 10,20 EUR delivery_3: 7205 ks

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