Mojave isolating tumbler-WH

451 EUR
Stav skladu: delivery_3: 19064 ks
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Mojave Thermo Mug. Double-shell mug with bayonet cap and flip-top for drinking. 300 ml volume. Stainless steel and PP plastic.

Značka: Bullet
Rozmer: 14,4cm
Materiál: PP, stainless steel
Farba: white, green, black, blue, silver, red
Potlač: Tampoprint L

Obj. číslo Farba Rozmer Cena Stav skladu Obj. ks
PF 10035300 PF 10035300 black 14,4 cm 4,51 EUR delivery_3: 19064 ks
PF 10035301 PF 10035301 blue 14,4 cm 4,51 EUR delivery_3: 8003 ks
PF 10035302 PF 10035302 silver 14,4 cm 4,51 EUR delivery_3: 31475 ks
PF 10035303 PF 10035303 white 14,4cm 4,51 EUR delivery_3: 1219 ks
PF 10035304 PF 10035304 red 14,4cm 4,51 EUR delivery_3: 15 ks
PF 10035305 PF 10035305 green 14,4cm 4,51 EUR delivery_3: 4177 ks

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396 EUR

a plastic coffee cup with a lid and a silicone ring
Rozmer: 9 x 11,6cm
Material: Plastic
Farba: various colors, unspecified
RICHMAN thermalmug
RICHMAN thermalmug
RICHMAN thermalmug

Thermal stainless steel, plastic and rubber bottle with a volume of 400 ml.

Rozmer: 8,2 x 18cm
Material: stainless steel
Farba: black, blue, red
Tumbler with flip lid
Tumbler with flip lid
Tumbler with flip lid
Tumbler with flip lid

Stainless steel tumbler with flip-lid. Inner body is made out of plastic. Spill proof and hand wash only. Content 480ml.

Značka: XD Collection
Rozmer: 18,8 x ø 8,3 cm.
Material: stainless steel, PP
Farba: blue, white, silver, black
Potlač: Laser engraving
Clik leak proof travel mug
Clik leak proof travel mug

Clik uses a smart 360 degree drinking lid that can be opened and closed with a simple push. The double wall mug can hold 225ml and with the integrated handle it makes travelling with either hot or cold drinks leak proof. The mug is designed in such a way that the outer stainless steel is easy to take apart for recycling and therefore helps you invest in a cleaner world. BPA free and suited for hand wash. Registered design®

Značka: XD Design
Rozmer: 17,7 x ø 7,3 cm.
Material: PP, stainless steel
Farba: white, grey, black
Potlač: Laser engraving