Microfibre cloth "Cleaner"

205 EUR
Stock status: to 48 hours: 244 pcs.
Microfibre cloth "Cleaner"
Microfibre cloth "Cleaner"

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Product description:

Microfibre cloth "Cleaner" : highly absorbent and quick drying, with soft surface structure, in colour-coded mesh bag with pullable cord and plastic stopper

Parameter: 31,5 x 31/Ø13,5 x 16,5cm
Material: Textile
Color: orange, blue
Decoration: Transfer

Order number Color Parameter Price Stock status Order pcs.
In 56-0605002 In 56-0605002 blue 31,5 x 31 / Ø13,5 x 16,5 cm 2,05 EUR to 48 hours: 244 pcs.
In 56-0605003 In 56-0605003 orange 31,5 x 31 / Ø13,5 x 16,5 cm 2,05 EUR to 48 hours: 197 pcs.

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